What is waxy luster and which minerals express it

waxy luster

Waxy luster is one of the characteristics that is exclusively found in a few minerals and as a result contributes to their visual appearance as well as assists in the process … Read more

Exploring the World of Bluestones: How To Guide: Everything

World of Bluestones

World of Bluestones, We must not forget about bluestones which are brilliant pieces of art and have a great variety of uses. It is an intrinsic part of civilization many centuries … Read more

What are the inselbergs or monadnocks and How are They Formed?

inselbergs or monadnocks

Inselsberg or monadnoks literally means “small island mountains.” This is a type of rocky hill or mountain which has a steep slope and rises abruptly out of a flat land. These … Read more

Everything In The Flakey Andesite Rock

Andesite Rock

Andesite Rock , Porphyritic Andesite texture provides not only a clue to the past of our planet but also an intriguing tool for tracing the ongoing slow-paced processes that transform its … Read more